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Sunday, August 23, 2009


Who Made This Stuff? Sprecher Brewing Company, Inc. , Glendale, WI

Website: www.sprecherbrewery.com

Where’d It Come From? Menards in Green Bay, WI

Review Date: 8/23/09

Commentary: Okay, to be fair, I already know this one is going to score well, even before opening the bottle. I’ve been imbibing Sprecher’s root beer for quite some time now. My family and I even toured their brewery and bottling facility a few months ago (more about that, later). We like the stuff, that’s for sure. I’ve just never actually written a review of it. Here goes…

Nice traditional, sweet smell when opened. Great foamy, long lasting head when poured into a chilled glass. Oh wow, that’s good stuff. Nice little bite, but it doesn’t last too long. The bite departs just in time to introduce the great creaminess following close on its heels. I love that there is still a bit of foam on top (and clinging to the sides of the glass) even after several sips. I am thoroughly enjoying this. Normally, as I get down to the last few sips left in my glass, I have to start mentally and emotionally preparing myself for the fact that the fun is almost done. Not this time, though. That’s because a bottle of Sprecher’s is a FULL 16 OUNCES! Yes, you read that right. I still have some left in the bottle with which to refill my glass. Oh joy! I just poured the rest of the bottle in my glass, and was greeted by ANOTHER beautiful, lip-smacking, smile-inducing foamy head. This is great stuff. Have I made that clear yet? I’m down to the last few sips now, and there are still plenty of bubbles hanging around. It is made with high fructose corn syrup, BUT it also has raw Wisconsin honey in there. I think the honey really adds a nice touch, making it nice and smooth from start to finish. No icky, syrupy mouth feel here. This is one fine brew – one I’d be proud to serve to my guests any day of the week. Now, don’t get me wrong here. This is not a complex brew. It is a straight forward, creamy, delicious, pretty close-to-classic tasting root beer. One of the best. I’m so glad I still have nearly a full case of this stuff out in the garage. I feel I must give it a score of……………………96.

P.S. No, the glass (in the picture) doesn't come with a 4-pack of bottles. We bought a set of glasses in the gift shop when we took the tour.