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Friday, November 29, 2013

Dr. Brown's Draft Style Root Beer

Who Made This Stuff?           Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of NY, Inc. 
                                                               College Point, NY

Where’d It Come From?       Angeli's Central Market - Iron River, MI

Review Date:                              11/28/13

Commentary:  I was quite pleased to find this root beer at Angeli's in Iron River, MI.  I have seen other Dr. Brown's flavors in my local grocery stores for years, but hadn't been able to track down their root beer.  Angeli's came through for me, though.  I've never found the Dr. Brown sodas in bottles, but apparently bottled version do exist.  If you ever find yourself in Iron River, be sure to stop in at this grocery store.  They have a great selection of root beers, and they make a point of highlighting the root beer section on the soda aisle.

My excitement about this root beer dropped a few notches when I read the can just a few minutes ago.  This one was actually produced by a Pepsi bottler.  So much for a premium brew or a secret family recipe.  

When I opened the can I detected a slight wintergreen aroma.  After pouring it in my frosty mug, it produced a huge, very fizzy head -- lots of big fizzy bubbles but no real foam.  It quickly dissipated, in typical fizzy soda style.  No marks here in the foam/head department.

The first sip delivered a strong wintergreen taste.  Even though the head only lasted a few seconds, the carbonation did stick around while I drank this.  The tagline on the can reads, "Blended for full-bodied flavor."  I'm not sure what they mean by that.  This one is not creamy.  It's not smooth.  It's not overly sweet.  It does have a very slight bite, but that doesn't last long either.  After that quick flash in the pan, it left a little bit of a weird aftertaste.  

I'm not really sure what else to say about this one.  It wasn't notable or memorable in any way.  Would it pass for a root beer?  Sure.  Would I recommend it?  Probably not.  Would I refuse one if offered to me?  Depends on what else might be available.

I have nothing left to say here, other that I think I'll score this one as a........................................................................................67.

What do you think of Dr. Brown's?  Have you tried it?  Have you found it in bottles?  If so, does that make a difference in the taste?