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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Capt'n Eli's

Who Made This Stuff?     Shipyard Brewing Co., LLC, Portland, ME

Website:                            www.shipyard.com

Where’d It Come From?  MooTime Creamery, Coronado, CA

Review Date:                    11/15/11

Commentary:  I was fortunate to find this brew in an ice cream shop in Coronado, CA on a recent business trip.  They actually had about 6-7 different kinds of root beer in the cooler, only one of which I had tried before.  Since it was my last night in town I only bought two bottles.  This review is for the first of those two bottles.

This brew had a nice traditional root beer aroma when I first opened the bottle.  A nice sweet and spicy smell.  It produced a decent head when I poured it, considering I was having to make due with one of the glasses in my hotel room rather than a pint glass or a mug.  I was able to chill the glass though, so that definitely helped.  The head was a nice dark color, and the remnants hung around for a good while around the edge of the glass.  That's worth a few points in my book.

The first sip was a pleasure.  This brew has a nice bite but it makes a quick transition to smoooooooth.  There is a little bit of spice to start but it dissipates nicely, giving way to a creamy, sweet finish.  I really like this one.  Really.  Nothing too complicated or fancy here.  Just a great root beer.

The carbonation is just about right.  The medium-sized bubbles linger for quite a while.  After several minutes, when I poured the remainder of the bottle into my glass, it produced another head.  I don't know about you, but to me,that's a sign of good carbonation.

I have to throw in a few extra points for the cool label, too.

Originally, I hadn't planned to drink the whole bottle since I have that other brew to drink this evening as well.  This was too good, though.  I had to drink the whole thing.  I think you would do the same thing if you ever found yourself in the same position.

Did I mention that I really like this one?  Well, I did.  A lot.  Therefore, I'm pleased to grant this one a score of.....................................91.

Now, what about you?  Have you ever tried Capt'n Eli's?  What did you think?


  1. They put too much licorice in it for my tastes, but if that's your cup of tea, it would be the perfect root beer for you.

  2. Eric - Thanks for your comment. I'm not a big fan of licorice either. I did detect a bit of licorice in there but it wasn't overwhelming to me. Maybe I just got lucky and got a "good" batch.

  3. Maybe they toned it down after my review. I felt bad, they sought me out to send me a sample, and then I didn't like it overly well because of all the licorice.

  4. This root beer is probably the best root beer I've ever tasted. A 94 for me.