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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Chowning's Tavern

Who Made This Stuff?     Old Dominion Brewing Co., Dover, DE

Website:                              www.olddominion.com

Where’d It Come From?    Picked up a by a friend

Review Date:                      11/24/12
Commentary:  I received this root beer from a friend who picked it up on a weekend road trip.  I can’t remember exactly where he got it, though.  I liked the artwork on the label (a drawing of Old Man Chowning, perhaps?) and saw that it was made by Old Dominion.  Those two things gave me high hopes for this brew:  1) a nice label that led me to believe some real thought went into its design, and 2) a pedigree of an actual brewery.

When I opened this bottle, it had a significant licorice and spice aroma. You may have noticed by now that I’m not a huge fan of the licorice thing, but the spice side of the aroma intrigued me.  When poured in the glass it did create a head, but it was mainly composed of large bubbles and is dissipated really quickly.  By the time I could get a photo, the head was pretty much gone.
The first sips told me this was not going to be a creamy brew.  The sweetness was there, but it wasn’t overpowering.  The fact that sugar and honey were on the ingredient list, instead of HFCS, earns it a few points.  I got a few nice spicey drinks from the glass.  Things went downhill from there.

This root beer had the potential to develop a nice bite.  Unfortunately, it could not live up to that potential.  The carbonation dissipated way too fast to work with the spices to help produce any bite.  Half-way through the glass, the aroma had disappeared completely.  Once the carbonation was mostly gone, this one did not have a pleasant taste at all and left a strong wintergreeny aftertaste.

Sorry folks.  I can’t give this one high marks.  I think I’ll go with…………………….63.

What about you?  Have you tried this one?  I understand that Old Dominion produces a few different root beers under different labels.  Have you tried any of Old Dominion’s root beers? 

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  1. Chowing's Tavern Toot Beer is brewed by Old Dominion Brewing Co. Chowing's Taavern in Colonial Williamsburg VA. It' s better if you can visit the tavern and get it from the tap.