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Monday, August 3, 2009


Who Made This Stuff? Clover Club Bottling Co., Chicago, IL

Where’d It Come From? Somewhere in WI

Review Date: 8/1/09


“Chicago’s Famous Root Beer” -- it says so right there on the label, so it must be true! Being a Packer fan, I’m willing to set aside the whole “Chicago” thing and give this root beer a fair evaluation…here goes.

When poured, it produced a small head which dissipated quickly (evidenced by the photo taken as soon as I could stop pouring and pick up the camera). It has a pleasant aroma, but nothing strong. Detected a little bit of licorice, but not too much.

First taste was good. Not too creamy, little bit of bite. Second sip confirms that this is a really good root beer. Definitely one I would recommend (and serve) to friends. Carbonation is good, bubbles in the glass are medium sized. Yup, just checked the label between swigs and my suspicions were confirmed. Pure cane sugar in this one, and it shows! This particular bottle has been sitting on a shelf out in the garage for about two months now. I’m embarrassed to admit that I had forgotten about it. I was concerned that it might have lost a little somethin' somethin' sitting for so long. I’m glad I found it again, because I sure am enjoying it. It’s not too filling either. I think I could down a couple of these with a meal.

The bottle itself is pretty nice. I really like the old school script. I guess they’ve honed their label design skills over the years with their line of beers. The label states “Founded 1898”, but I don’t know how long they’ve actually been making root beer there. I know that this good stuff comes in a big 32 oz. bottle as well. I know, because I once had one in my possession but alas, it was not meant to be. The bottle was broken before I could chill and enjoy it. I need to get my hands on one of those again.

I’m down to the last few sips now, and there is still an adequate amount of carbonation left, which makes those final sips oh so enjoyable. Unfortunately, this is my last bottle of the stuff, so I’ll have to wait for my friendly traveling supplier to bring some down on her next trip south from WI.

Bottom line, I really enjoyed this one. I will definitely buy some anytime I see it in a store. When you try one it probably won’t knock your socks off, but you will definitely enjoy it, I’m sure. I’m going to give this one …………..a 90 (the first one of my reviews to crack into 90s!).



    Your review of Berghoff has got me interested in giving one a try. BTW, can you post an entry that explains your rating system? Thanks.

  2. Berghoff is a great German restaurant in Chicago...related? I've eaten there, but can't remember if I had a root beer!

  3. Yes, I think they are (or were) related. Apparently the restaurant shut down and then re-opened. I don't know how closely they are tied these days. The root beer was bottled by a company in Monroe, WI for a while but is now bottled by an independent bottler in the Chicago area.

  4. I agree with you about the Berghoff, and it is currently my second favorite only to Henry Weinhard's.

    1. Oh yeah. I love Henry Weinhard's! Unfortunately, whenever I'm somewhere it is sold, I'm usually not in a position to buy it. Seems like I've only found it in 6-packs out on the west coast, and usually on the night before I have to fly back home. As much as I like it, I can't justify the cost of a 6-pack just to drink one bottle. I'll keep looking, though! Thanks for your comment.

  5. Berghoff is probably my favorite. They used to carry a big 1 liter at my grocery store (in Texas no less) and that would provide me two delicious glasses of root beer or a glass to share with a friend. They stopped carrying it, and I haven't found it since, but perhaps it's time to start looking again. Thanks for reminding me!