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Monday, June 1, 2009

Seymour Beverages

Who Made This Stuff? Seymour Beverages, Seymour, WI

Where’d It Come From? Purchased at the source, Seymour Beverages

Review Date: 3/8/09

Commentary: I really like this root beer for a couple reasons. The first reason has to be that this stuff is bottled the old fashioned way – in returnable/refillable glass bottles. The cool thing about the case I got was that of the 12 bottles in the box, I think there were probably six or seven different bottle types in there, all from old time soda bottlers that have apparently gone out of business over the years. None of the bottles bear the Seymour Beverages name. The picture at right shows a sampling of the different bottles. Check out this write-up on the soda company. Second, this root beer is made with real sugar. It is evident in its nice, clean taste. I don’t feel a syrupy coating on my tongue after taking a big swig of this stuff. Finally, of course, is that it tastes good. It has a nice, simple, sweet and creamy taste. There’s no hard bite, no overpowering licorice or wintergreen. Just a nice basic root beer. When poured in my glass, it produced a decent head of the soft, frothy kind that hung around for a little while. The carbonation was just right, too. Bottom line – it tastes good, and goes down smooth.

I hope I can get my hands on another case while this place is still in business. I’m down to just one last bottle in the fridge, and then it will all be gone. So sad. The bottles are 7 ounces, so they’re just right for a quick root beer refresher or for nice little dessert after dinner.

This isn’t the greatest root beer on the face of the planet, but it’s not trying to be. This is a good root beer, in just the right size and just the right taste to please a lot of the folks a lot of the time. I’ll score it as…………..84.

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