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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Uncle Scott's All Natural Root Beer

Who Made This Stuff?           Carolina Country Provisions, Inc., 
                                                               Mooresville, NC
Website:                                          www.unclescottsrootbeer.com

Where’d It Come From?       gift

Review Date:                                 8/20/13

Commentary:  Although yours truly is called Uncle Scott by a select group of awesome nieces and one nephew, I can not claim to be the creator of this brew.  I received this root beer as a gift and I think it came from somewhere in GA, but I don't know exactly where.  Oh wait.  I just checked Uncle Scott's website and it looks like in GA it is only available at various Whole Foods Markets.  I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this one was purchased at Whole Foods.  It is a relatively recent acquisition, so I'm proud of myself for getting to the review of this one without delay.

When I popped the top on this one, I detected a spicy, medicinal aroma that almost seemed to have hints of cough syrup.  The head was disappointing as it disappeared quickly.  That wasn't a good sign.  The first sip confirmed that bad omen as it seemed like the brew was already getting a little flat.  Speaking of that first sip...WHOA!  There was A LOT going on in there all at once.  It had a strong medicinal flavor, with some vanilla and maybe some licorice, too.  I could tell there were some other flavors lurking around in there as well, I just couldn't pinpoint them right away.

A few more sips told me the carbonation was holding a little better than I had first anticipated.  There was no real bite at all to this one, but that strong flavor came through every time after a fleeting flash of vanilla.  I would not characterize this brew as creamy at all.

I finally gave up trying to identify all the flavors and just looked at the ingredients list.  This one has a little bit of everything in there.  Among other things, it has certified organic sugar (nice!), vanilla, cinnamon oil, natural caramel, wood extract (what?), licorice root oil, and anise oil.  That's a lot of flavors for Uncle Scott to try to get to play nicely together.  I can understand how this one has such a complex flavor.  I don't think I picked up every one of those flavors in there, but I did notice some of them.  Of course, I'm not really sure what wood extract is supposed to taste like.

This root beer just isn't for me.  It's not a horrible root beer and I wouldn't try to caution anyone from drinking it.  I just wouldn't reach for this one when others are available.  Now, if you like lots of different flavors in your root beer you may very well enjoy this one.  Or, if you just want to try something a little bit off the beaten path, then you may want to try one of these.  I'll leave that up to you.  I trust you to make a good choice.

Personally, I'm not looking for a root beer quite so complex, so I'll give this one a score of...........................................................................................70.                 

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